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Trader Life Simulator

Trader Life Simulator v2.0.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, free

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Build Your own Supermarket, Customize your shop, Buy new vehicles and equipment, Manage Economics, Buy and Sell Over 100 Different products, Expand and make your own success story.
Open your own business starting from your empty shop and go bigger to build your own success story .


– More Than 100 different Products That Can Be Sold In The Player’s Shop
– Customize your house including furniture , PC , … etc.
– Watching TV and more places to visit
– Bills system .
– Dynamic Prices System : The Prices Of Products Changes Daily
– Economy system , bank , loans , ATM , credit card and more
– Phone / Laptops The player can buy and use .
– Shops restock .
– Survival aspects including hunger, tiredness, dirtiness … etc .
– Health System : The Player Will Get Sick If He Doesn’t Eat , Take Shower … etc
– So many shops in the city and you can interact and buy from them .
– A lot of customizations and furniture for your shop .
– Workers in your shop .
– Cars / Trucks to drive and transport your goods .
– Vehicles needs gasoline , oil and repairs , also there is a car mechanic in the city !
– You can buy from shops : vehicles , food , drink , oil and 50+ more items .
– Companies and much more interesting places that you can work with and have more income rather than managing your shop .
– Electronics That The Player Can Buy And Re Sell In His Shop .
– A Farm That The Player Can Buy And Raise Animals .
– TV That you can use to play any video on the internet inside the game

Trader Life Simulator is a game where you play as a man who owns an empty supermarket . You need to keep your business running and your supermarket stocked , While managing other life aspects. Be careful ! Bankruptcy is an option.

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