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Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile

Always Sunny Gang Goes Mobile APK MOD (Unlimited Money)

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Fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia rejoice as the gang is about to hit your phones! The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia mobile APK MOD is finally available, and this officially licensed mobile game has everything a fan needs to bring the laughs and wild antics of the gang along with them wherever they go! This official mobile game allows everyone to become part of the gang and get close to all the fun of the show’s famous antics.

What’s in the APK

The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia mobile APK contains a huge range of activities and features designed to let you step into the shoes of the iconic gang.

Storyline Mode

A huge part of what makes It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia such an iconic show is its storyline. The APK has a story mode that lets you step into the shoes of Mac, Dennis, Charlie, Frank, and Dee and experience the show’s funniest adventures first-hand.

Game Modes

The APK also offers several other game modes, where you can compete against the clock or your friends to get the highest scores in delightful mini-games. The game modes include:

Quick Play

In Quick Play mode you can play mini-games against the clock, alone or with friends, and compete for the highest scores.

Charity Run

This mini-game demands that you help the gang by running and delivering charity donations in the shortest time possible. Play this game alone and see how fast you can help the gang deliver the donations and score the highest points.


Test your It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia knowledge with this game mode! Test yourself against an array of trivia questions to prove your fandom to the gang and earn points.


The Always Sunny Gang Goes Mobile APK allows you to collect various fan icons and images like posters, T-shirts, and mugs. You can add these collectibles to your virtual trophy shelf, and as you progress through the game you’ll receive new collectibles from the show.

Themed Content

The app continues to roll out new, fun content with every update in order to keep fans engaged. From new songs to unlockable characters, there’s always something new to discover!


The Always Sunny Gang Goes Mobile APK is the ultimate expressed of ultimate fanship! With its official app, fans can now take part in all their favorite antics from the show. Gamers who love the show can expect great game modes, collectibles, and themed content with every app update!

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