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Anger of stick 5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Gems) For Android

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Anger of Stick 5 is one of the world’s most popular beat-em-up mobile game app. It is a 2D side-scrolling action game developed by J-Park in 2011. The goal of the game is to use stick figures to battle various enemies across a variety of levels. With its appealing graphics, challenging levels and fast-paced gameplay, it is no wonder Anger of Stick 5 has earned such an international following. With its addictive gameplay and unique aesthetic, Anger of Stick 5 is sure to provide hours of exciting entertainment for gamers of all ages.


Anger of Stick 5 is an action-packed game that combines classic beat-em-up gameplay with classic platforming elements. Players control a stick figure and use various strategies to battle their way through various levels. The goal is to reach the end of each level while taking out enemies that stand in your way. Players have an array of combat moves and weapons to make use of, such as kicking, punching, throwing objects, and wielding powerful swords. With each successful battle, the player’s character becomes more powerful, able to take on more powerful enemies.


Anger of Stick 5 offers an array of levels for players to explore. From classic cityscapes to space stations, there are plenty of levels for gamers to tackle. Each level offers different enemies and obstacles for players to defeat, adding to the challenge of the game. With the high variety of levels, each with different levels of difficulty, there is lots of replayability in the game.

Graphics and Sound

Anger of Stick 5 features a unique, classic aesthetic. The game’s characters are all pixelated figures, evoking an old-school, retro feel. The soundtrack consists of upbeat, guitar-driven pieces, adding to the intensity of the game.


Anger of Stick 5 features an online multiplayer mode, allowing up to four players to join in on the action. Players can team up to take on enemies, adding to the excitement of the game.

Integration and Availability

Anger of Stick 5 is available for both Android and iOS. The game can be synced with Facebook accounts, allowing players to stay connected and compete with friends. The game is also fully optimized for play on a variety of device sizes, adapting to different viewing experiences.

Microtransactions and In-App Purchases

Anger of Stick 5 is a free-to-play game, but does feature some in-app purchases. Players can purchase additional characters, levels, and special powers to enhance their playing experience.

Reception and Awards

Anger of Stick 5 has received generally positive reviews from both critics and gamers alike. It has been praised for its nostalgic graphics, challenging gameplay, and multiplayer capabilities. The game has been presented with a number of awards, including the National Entertainment Software Award for Best Mobile Game.

How to install an Anger of Stick 5 Mod APK on Android

1- Find the Anger of Stick 5 APK you want to download and then download it.
2- Find the downloaded Anger of Stick 5 APK file. Select it to initiate the Anger of Stick 5 APK installation. Any file browser will do.
3- you will receive warning at the bottom letting you know you must give that Anger of Stick 5 APK app permission to install the Anger of Stick 5 file.
Tap the Settings button to proceed.
4- you will be asked to allow the app to make Anger of Stick 5 APK Mod installs.
5- A prompt should pop up, giving you the option to Install the Anger of Stick 5 APK. Go ahead and follow the instructions Anger of Stick 5 APK install.

Download Anger of Stick 5 Mod APK on Android

Anger of Stick 5 is a beloved classic mobile game among gamers around the world. It’s simple but engaging gameplay, classic pixelated graphics, and diverse level selection make it the perfect choice for fans of beat-em-up genre. With its exciting online multiplayer mode and variety of in-app purchases, Anger of Stick 5 is sure to provide hours of entertainment for gamers of all ages.

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