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AnkiDroid Flashcards APK MOD (PRO Unlocked)

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AnkiDroid Flashcards APK is a mobile application that allows users to easily create and access virtual flashcards to help learn various educational subject matters. This app is an ideal tool for students who want to review their lessons in a convenient way, or for anyone who needs to memorize a broad range of themes. This app works with both Android and iOS data and can be downloaded for free on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Simplicity & Efficiency

AnkiDroid Flashcards APK is a user-friendly app and easily navigable. It provides a simplified home page, organized with an easy-to-read table of contents which displays the different user activities, such as authoring a card set, browsing through materials, or personalizing the cards for individual needs. It also includes a library of already pre-made card sets, and the user can quickly access and download the ones they need with a simple click.

Learning Features of AnkiDroid Flashcards

AnkiDroid Flashcards APK offers numerous learning features to further enhance the user’s ability to learn the material. It has a card browser that allows the user to search for specific cards, and a remarkable speed that helps users review the cards more quickly. In addition, AnkiDroid Flashcards APK has an auto-complete feature which helps the user easily find words or terms in the user-provided material. Furthermore, the app has the ability to adjust the difficulty level of each card depending on user performance, allowing for increasingly challenging tests and more efficient learning.

Smart Features Of AnkiDroid Flashcards

AnkiDroid Flashcards APK’s advanced technology offers some smart features which aid in the user learning experience. The app as a practical timer, guiding the user through short intervals to allow brief moments of rest. The app also includes an audio companion, which functions as an automated voice reader that enunciates the card’s content. And furthering it’s capabilities, the app allows users to take notes on the cards in order to further understand their content.

Display Customization

AnkiDroid Flashcards APK provides users the ability to customize the display, including the card template, font size, type, and color, and the background color , which allows the user to create a personalized learning environment.

User Progress Tracking & Scheduling Tool

A unique feature of AnkiDroid Flashcards APK is the underline tracking method which records a user’s progress making it easy for the user to track their learning. Additionally, the app provides users a special scheduling tool which enables users to create their own daily learning plans for desired information.


AnkiDroid Flashcards APK is an excellent app for the modern learner. It is user friendly, has advanced features to enhance the learning process, and allows users to customize the display. Even better, users can track their progress throughout their journey, enabling them to reach their educational goals in a more efficient way. All these features, make AnkiDroid Flashcards APK an essential tool for students and educators.

MOD Feature
Safety Check:

The game/app has been tested and does not contain any viruses!

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