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METAL SLUG 3 APK (Full Game) For Android

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Metal Slug 3 APK is an absolute classic arcade shooter action game that was first released in 2000. Combining brilliantly tight shooting gameplay with both an epic single-player story mode and a brilliant two-player cooperative mode, Metal Slug 3 APK is still considered by many to be one of the best run and gun titles ever released. Today, the game is available for Android devices, and its full of nostalgia and incredible action.

Highly Replayable Gameplay

Metal Slug 3 APK features some of the most gorgeously illustrated 2D animation and hand-drawn graphics that have remained a popular feature of the series. The game is primarily a side-scrolling shooter where the player must defeat enemies by firing projectiles. But there is plenty of variety when it comes to levels, as the game also features top-down levels, vehicle levels, and more. Additionally, the two-player cooperative mode has its own unique levels, making Metal Slug 3 APK a highly replayable and varied experience.

Unique Weapons and Power Ups

Metal Slug 3 APK is packed with a unique variety of weapons and power-ups. Players can unlock different guns like the Iron Lizard, Laser Gun, and Shotgun, as well as different types of grenades, rocket launchers, and other explosive weapons. Other power-ups come in the form of bonus points, extra lives, and the ability to change characters.

Wacky Mini-Games

The Metal Slug series has always been known for its quirky sense of humor, and Metal Slug 3 APK is certainly no exception. Throughout the game, there are a number of mini-games and unlockable extras that players can access, such as slot machines, casinos, and other arcade-style games. These side-activities add an extra layer of fun and keep the game from feeling repetitive.

Robust Online Features

For the first time, Metal Slug 3 APK now offers an exciting online multiplayer mode. Players can join or create a game and compete with other Metal Slug fans from around the world. This adds an extra layer of challenge and replayability to the game, and provides an even deeper level of customization.

Lightning Fast Controls

The simplicity of the controls in Metal Slug 3 APK is one of its biggest draws. Players will be able to pick-up the game’s lightning-fast combat with ease, and will soon be able to navigate the game’s levels with ease. The game’s intuitive layout and ease of use makes it a perfect game for any type of mobile platform.


Metal Slug 3 APK is a classic game that is still considered one of the best of its kind. Packed with intense shooting action, unique weapons and power-ups, wacky mini-games, robust online features, and lightning-fast controls, this classic game is still as fun as ever on mobile devices. For players itching to relive the classic Metal Slug action, Metal Slug 3 APK is the perfect shooter game for Android devices.

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