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METAL SLUG X APK (Full Game) For Android

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Metal Slug X APK is an arcade-style action game released in 1999 by SNK. It has been a widely enjoyed game ever since, now available as an Android compatible version. It’s good for those special moments of nostalgia when you want to regress to an age of retro gaming. The game offers an exciting and immersive gaming experience with awesome visual design and sound effects. Let’s get into the details of the Metal Slug X APK.


Objective of the Game

In Metal Slug X, you play as an elite soldier who has to battle enemy forces, destroy their bases and save the world. The objective of the game is to defeat the final boss and complete all levels to save General Morden’s army.

Levels and Features

Metal Slug X includes seven intense levels where you must battle enemy forces and battle tanks. The levels are full of action and will shoot your adrenaline up a notch. The game also features some exciting twists as each level progresses. The game also includes various weapons and power ups which you can use to defeat enemy forces like rockets, grenades and heat seeking missiles.


The game has user-friendly and uncomplicated controls. You can use the on-screen joysticks to control your character movement while the on-screen buttons are used to shoot and launch bombs.

Graphics and Sounds


The graphics in Metal Slug X feature stunning pixel art reminiscent of classic games. The graphics style captures the look and feel of classic arcade games, creating an authentic gaming experience. The sprites are well-drawn and move and animate smoothly.


The music in the game is energetic and catchy, which will get you in the gaming mood. The sound effects add to the immersive gaming experience as they are well-balanced and add to the atmosphere of the game.

Final Thoughts

Metal Slug X provides an exhilarating gaming experience that is sure to bring a smile to the face of retro game fans. Its intense levels and addictive gameplay will keep you hooked for hours at a time. It’s an enjoyable gaming experience, which makes it a great way to pass the time. So why not download the Metal Slug X APK and give it a try?


Metal Slug X is a classic arcade game remade for Android devices. It features great pixel art graphics, an exciting soundtrack and an intense yet enjoyable gaming experience. The well-designed levels and user-friendly controls make this game perfect for a Veteran and a Newbie to retro games. With no ads or in-app purchases, you can enjoy the classic Metal Slug X free of charge.

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