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Ninja Survivors Online

Ninja Survivors Online v1.410 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Gems)

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Multiplayer Survival RPG!
Ninja Survivors Online
Summer’s BIG WAVE is coming to Ninja Village!

[BIG WAVE Update]

????Wave System : Speed & Impact UP!
The previous time-limited survival system has been changed to defeating massive amount of monsters.
Experience a refreshing and exhilarating sensation like never before!

???? Unique ‘Secret Technique’
Defeat monsters and gather energy to unleash powerful secret skills unique to each character.
Experience different techniques and enjoy more action-packed gameplay!

????10-player PvP Mode ‘Ninja Brawl’
One and only PvP mode in the survival genre! All stats are reset, allowing everyone to start the battle on equal grounds! Become the strongest ninja and earn various rewards!

???? New Ninja ‘An-zu’
New character ‘An-zu’ has joined!
Experience Anzu’s unique skills and secret technique!

[game features]

???? “Real” Online multiplayer Survival!
Why play local?
Play the multi-mode with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

???? Survival, now more Quick & Fun!
Tired of playing over 20 minutes each stage?
Experience the thrill in less than 7 minutes in Ninja Survivors Online!

???? Choose your Ninja!
Select your own ninja and experience the various skills & perks!
Use your skills wisely to survive and save your friends!

???? Combine Weapons & Skills!
Survive the battle with unlimited skill combinations!
Choose the skill you need for the random weapons!
Survival depends on your strategic choice!

???? More Roguelike RPG, More Survival! Ninja Survivor.io!
Never give up! Train your ninja and upgrade equipment!
Cooperate with friends to experience roguelike adventure!

+ ???? Infinite Challenge & Reward
:)Unlimited Challenge, ‘Midnight Parade’ Open!
Defeat the unlimited oni waves and reach the top!
Don’t forget the massive ranking rewards!

🙂 Out of Gems? Farm the Jewel Mine Cave!
Mine as much as you can, but watch out the monsters!
More Jewels, More Rewards, More Fun!

MOD Feature
Safety Check:

The game/app has been tested and does not contain any viruses!

Site APKOMTK checks every game and apps, goes through a long check for performance, each mod contains a lot of useful features that will simplify your package files.
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