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Obey Me! Nightbringer v1.0.98 MOD APK (Always Perfect/God Mode)

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Obey Me! Nightbringer
From the otome game series with over 8 million downloads that took the world by storm comes the latest installment, Obey Me! Nightbringer!
In an all-new story, take on adventures in the Devildom with seven unique ikemen demon brothers and try to find a way back to the world from once you came!

Laugh, cry and sometimes pull out your whip on the seven hot but quirky demon brothers and their unique band of friends in this otome anime dating game.
Who will you choose to stan and become your anime boyfriend?

・A Portal Into Another World
Open up your Devildom D.D.D. smartphone to find yourself staring into a portal to another world! With the introduction of hot ikemen demons into your life, things just got a whole lot more interesting!

You wake up to find a world you once knew…a little different.
You are in the magical world of the Devildom right after the Great Celestial War.
With the help of an old companion, you masquerade as a demon and become the brand new attendant to seven demon brothers.
To return to the world you came from, you must form pacts with the seven devilishly good-looking young men and complete your lessons at school
But it won’t be an easy task as they each have their own unique…traits.
Introducing Obey Me! Nightbringer! An otome game for the ages!
Tackle your lessons in a rhythm game as you make the boys; obey you!

・What is Obey Me! Nightbringer?
▷Choose the path, change the world!
Your choices have a direct impact on how the story plays out!
In addition to chatting and making phone calls, enjoy participating in online meetings!
That’s not all though, cheer on your favorite characters’ videos and strengthen their cards for battle! Your decisions in the Devildom matter, so choose wisely!

▷Follow characters on social media!
Go even further and post comments on your favorite videos of the ikemen demons!
Share your love via a comment or add an effect to cheer them on!

▷Rhythm game quests!
As you make your way through the episodic stories in the Devildom, you will encounter rhythm game quests!
Polish your skills and use items and cards found in the Devildom to master the rhythm game!
And what’s more, all the songs you hear are sung by the ikemen demons themselves♪

■ Official Website

■ Support
Contact us about any bugs, feedback or comments at:

■ Social Media
-Twitter: https://twitter.com/ObeyMeNB

OS Requirements:
-Android 6.0 or later
-OpenGL 3.0 or later

System Requirements:
-An internet connection with a download speed of 2 Mbs or more.
-A device with 3 GB or more of RAM.
-A device with Snapdragon 625 or higher CPU.

*The app may not run properly even if you fulfill the recommended system requirements due to issues with device performance and specifications as well as the status of the app on the device.
*Please be advised that we cannot provide support for performance issues if your device does not fulfill the recommended system requirements.

Obey Me! Nightbringer is recommended for the following people!
-Those who like isekai, magic, and demons, magicians, butlers and black cats.
-Those who enjoy free, easy-to-play music and rhythm games.
-Those who like otome games with great anime voice acting.
-Those who like RPGs, anime boys and ikemen idols.
-Those who want a game with an anime.
-Those who like romance manga, anime and dramas and want an exciting, intimate, sexy story.
-Those who want to see conflict and friendship between ikemen boys.
-Those who like ikemen harem, love triangles and intimate scenes with pretty anime boys.
-Those who are looking for the latest otome game.
-Those who are tired of plain old romance games.

MOD Feature
Safety Check:

The game/app has been tested and does not contain any viruses!

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