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Safety Photo+Video

Safety Photo+Video MOD APK For Android

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Safety Photo+Video APK MOD is a revolutionary Android app that provides its users with an all-in-one digital safety locker. It allows users to store, protect, and organize all their digital photos, videos, and other important files securely. This app is a must-have for anyone looking to protect their digital assets from prying eyes, unwanted intrusions, or data loss.

Secured Storage

When it comes to safety, Safety Photo+Video APK has you covered. It provides a secure, encrypted locker for all your digital assets. With its 256-bit encryption, only you have access to your safe. Additionally, you can also back up your files remotely for added security.

Organized Galleries

Safety Photo+Video APK makes it easy to manage all your digital photos and videos with organized galleries. Whether you’re organizing a trip, collating memories for a scrapbook, or just keeping your memories safe, you can easily manage your digital assets in one place.

Video Storage & Shredder

Safety Photo+Video APK also provides a secure storage area for your videos. You can store an unlimited number of videos and have access to them anytime, anywhere. Additionally, with the powerful Video Shredder feature, you can securely erase any videos you no longer want.

Cloud Sync & Sharing

Safety Photo+Video APK also offers cloud sync and sharing capabilities. With this feature, you can easily share any of your photos, videos, and other file types with your contacts. This is ideal for sharing special memories with family and friends or collaborating with colleagues.

Advanced Security

Safety Photo+Video APK provides advanced security features to keep your digital assets safe from potential threats. These include two-factor authentication, integrated PIN codes, and automatic data backups. This ensures all your data is safe from hackers, data loss, or unintended access.


Safety Photo+Video APK is the ideal digital safety locker for your digital assets. Whether you’re looking for a way to securely store your photos, videos, and other important files or just want to protect your memories from prying eyes, this app has you covered. With its advanced security measures, organized galleries, and cloud sync and sharing capabilities, Safety Photo+Video APK is the perfect tool for managing your digital assets.

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