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SkyView® Explore the Universe

SkyView APK (Paid & Unlocked) Download For Android

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SkyView APK is an innovative mobile application that brings us closer to the universe. Developed by Terminal Eleven, SkyView was created with the idea of allowing users to explore the stars and planets in our solar system through their Android or iOS device. Whether you are an amateur astronomer or a space enthusiast looking for fun, SkyView allows you to explore and track the stars, galaxies, or planets that you’re most interested in, right from the comfort of your own home.



SkyView has an easy-to-navigate interface that makes it user-friendly and accessible to everyone. The app shows an accurate representation of the night sky, allowing users to zoom in on and track any star, galaxy, or planet that they want to take a closer look at. The Finder Mode allows users to simply point their device and get an augmented reality view of the night sky.

Real-Time Tracking

SkyView also has a real-time tracking feature. This feature allows you to track the planets, stars, and galaxies in real-time, giving you an accurate view of the night sky based on where you are located. This feature also provides users with information about the sky, such as the constellation name, object distance, and more.

Set Reminders

In addition, SkyView allows users to set reminders to be notified when certain objects such as planets, stars, or constellations are visible in the night sky. This allows users to take advantage of perfect days and nights to get the best possible view of the night sky.

View Through Telescopes

SkyView also features an option that allows users to have a direct view of the night sky through their telescope. This feature allows users to control and view objects from the night sky through their device.

Educational Resources

SkyView is also home to a variety of educational resources that are free to users. These resources include facts about the night sky, information about celestial objects, and activities for those who are just getting started in astronomy.


SkyView is an incredibly useful mobile application for those looking to explore the night sky and take a closer look at the celestial objects that are out there. With its easy-to-navigate interface, real-time tracking, set reminders, and telescope view, SkyView is the perfect tool for both budding and seasoned astronomers.

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