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The Room Two

The Room Two APK (Full Game) For Android

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Enter The Room: Old Sins and explore the depths of a mysterious and complex puzzle game like no other. The Room Two APK Download is the much-anticipated sequel to the mobile classic game, The Room. This critically acclaimed puzzle game series has now been rebuilt for Android, with all new graphics and improved gameplay. Experience beautiful 3D locations and solve puzzles in order to piece together the secrets of The Room and its mysterious origin. Immerse yourself in an astonishing adventure full of mystery and mindbending puzzles.

About The Room Two APK

Graphics and Realism

From its captivating 3D environments to its intricate puzzles, The Room Two APK elevates the puzzle gaming experience to new heights. Stunningly realistic graphics provide an immersive experience, while tactile controls that make you feel as if you are actually in the room bring the game to life. The expression of the characters and the incredible detail in the environment combine to create a believable and engrossing atmosphere.


The Room Two APK brings an intriguing and suspenseful storyline as you progress through the game. Your mission is to uncover the secrets of the mysterious null element, a device that contains the power of generations. Along the way, you must solve mind-bending puzzles, explore intricate environments, and interact with objects and characters. With every level, you are immersed in more and more complex puzzles that will test your capabilities.


The Room Two APK’s intuitive and smooth controls help you navigate the challenging puzzles with ease. With a simple swipe of the finger you are able to inspect objects with a magnifying glass, pick them up, open drawers, and pull switches and levers. This tactile interface adds to the realism of the game and helps make it more enjoyable to play.

Sound and Music

The Room Two APK features detailed sound and music that contribute to the game’s atmosphere and suspense. The subtle yet atmospheric soundtrack heightens the tension as you progress through the game, while subtle sonics add to the atmosphere. With this engaging sound design, you will be immersed in the game world and deeply involved in the story as you attempt to uncover its secrets.


  • Immersive 3D environments full of detail
  • Smooth and realistic tactile controls
  • Mind-bending puzzles that test your skills
  • Engaging and suspenseful storyline
  • Detailed sound design and captivating original soundtrack

The Impact of The Room Two APK

Released in December 2018, The Room Two APK has already received critical success and dozens of awards from both the gaming industry and mobile game enthusiasts alike. It has become one of the most iconic puzzle games of recent years and has inspired many other games of the same genre. The Room Two has also seen great worldwide success, with users from all over the world downloading and playing the game.

The Room Two APK Download

The Room Two APK has firmly established itself as one of the best and most iconic mobile puzzle games of recent years. It has captivated millions of users around the world with its immersive and engaging storyline, challenging puzzles, and realistic 3D environments. With great graphics, sound, music, and gameplay, it offers an exciting experience for both casual and hardcore gamers alike. The Room Two APK is sure to dazzle puzzle game aficionados many years after its release.

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